Who is Joe Who?

A bit of history

Wednesday, June 2, 2004
Welcome! Hello, My name is Joe Who. I am a psychic, or, more exactly, a voice natural direct sensitive. What that means is when I hear a person's voice, (live, on the phone, over the radio, orTV, it doesn't matter as long as it's not recorded) I can tell them things about themselves, their past, present and future. Sounds unbelievable? Can 20,000 people be wrong?
I have been a psychic my whole life. As a child, I remember feeling the pain of other children when they were picked on by bullies. My mother would tell me, "Don't tell anyone what you can do, they'll make fun of you." (I also remember her chasing some men in black suits out of the yard with a broom after they came to the door saying they were from an "independent Education Department" and asking if they could take me down to their office for some "Testing," but that's a story for another day). In High School I was called "Joe the medium" and "matchmaker Joe" for my uncanny ability to percieve people's problems and to introduce compatible people to each other. However, my psychic insight took a back seat to more mundane things. I graduated, went to college and pursued the robotics engineering field. My psychic power stayed in the background, until, one day....

In 1985, working on a ladder, I fell. The fall resulted in 3 herniated discs in my back, and presto, I found myself laid up in bed. While recuperating, one night I was listening to Chuck Briton on WLS. He had lost something and was looking for "Street Psychics" to tell him what it was, and where it had gone. The prize for the correct caller won a pair of tickets to see Genesis. I liked Genesis, so I called. "He lost his sunglasses," I said. "Well he always loses those that's not a good guess" came the reply. "Then the only other thing it could be, is something he really didn't lose, not in the normal sense," I countered.
"Which is...?"
"A gold cap-he swallowed a gold cap, he didn't really lose it, it's just been accidentaly swallowed. There was a long silence, then, "Who is this?"
"Exactly!" "Huh?-Hey you must know Chuck!" "Never met him" I replied. "Can you come down here, Chuck wants to talk to you." A week later I was on the Chuck Briton show, and a week after that I had a 1 year contract to do one night a week on WLS. Since then I have been on WMAQ, WLUP, WMVP, WKKD, WAIT, WCKG, WYPA, WMKB, and the list goes on and on with radio appearances world wide giving intuitive help to thousands and thousands of people, not to mention my own radio show. The boxes of letters thanking me and telling me how right I've been fills a closet, and in over 30 years of doing this, I have only received 3 negative letters.

What the heck is psychic ability

Saturday, May 29, 2004

To perceive on a higher level
-Joe Who

Psychic ability is the real, tangible sensory perception of other people and their lives. It is a sense, like sight, or hearing. With it, you can "see" a persons life, what kind of person they are, the people around them in their everyday life that they regularly interact with, and even their past and future. When I hear a persons voice, I see "pictures" and "words" of not only who they are, but of their life situations. It is always "on", I can't turn it off.

The amazing thing about psychic ability is that, like the sense of touch, it is interactive, when you concentrate on another person, you psychically and emotionally make a connection with them, consciously or not. How many times have you thought of someone you haven't heard from in awhile, and that same day, they call you? Is that coincidence? I think not. All of this, along with telepathy, precognition, teleportation, telekinesis, etc., is part of something called Natural Technology.

There is one other thing I would like to say, some people don't believe in psychic ability because you can't prove it in a laboratory......well guess what, emotions also cannot be proven by the same standards but we all know they exist!!


As Published in Ottawa Daily Times

Friday, May 28, 2004

He's a psychic. He's a well-known Chicago radio personality.

So, Who's Joe Who?

By DAVE WISCHNOWSKY Ottawa Daily Times

SOMONAUK -- During the 1980s and '90s, Joe was a popular Chicago radio personality with a voice that could be heard, at one time or another, over darn-near every station on the dial. Since the age of four, Joe says that when people speak to him he "sees pictures behind his eyes" that tell him about their past, their present and their future. And in recent years, Joe claims to have foretold everything from Chicago Bulls championships to winning Lotto numbers to the tragedy of Sept. 11.

Oh, and these days, Joe lives in a house that can spin around in a circle. Seriously. All of which is probably making you wonder, Joe who? To which the answer is: Exactly.

Who is Joe Who? "It's just who I am," Joe Who, said earlier this week while sitting on the floor inside his oh-so-unique home in a rural setting. "I've done this my whole life." What Joe Who says he has done his whole life is live as a psychic, or more specifically as what he calls "a voice natural direct sensitive." That, according to Who's Web site (www.joewho.com), means that when he hears a person's voice, be it live on the phone, over the radio or on TV -- it doesn't matter, as long as it isn't recorded -- he can tell that person things about themselves. All sorts of things. Relationship things. Financial things. Health-related things. Even ghost-related things. Such an intuitive ability, one which Who says runs in his family, has led the friendly, Chicago-born son of Italian immigrants to a two-decade-long career in talk radio on stations ranging from the big cities (Chicago, New York, La.) to the small (Mendota). First discovered in 1985 by WLS radio personality Chuck Briton, Who has been in radio ever since, working with a regular "Who's who" of on-air Chicago radio jocks such as Kevin Matthews and Steve Dahl. And over the years, he has broadcast his unique brand of entertainment worldwide-- think Art Bell, with a healthy portion of psychic readings thrown in for good measure -- over the airwaves of a myriad of stations, including WMAQ, WLUP and WMVP. Who has also appeared on many television shows across the Country, not to mention countless lectures at colleges and universities.

Joe Who and Jeff Niles, his co-host since 1994 --hit the airwaves and the duo broadcasts their unconventional show every Sunday. "We talk about unusual things," Niles said. "We base a lot of the show on discussing things that the mainstream doesn't want people to talk about." "The show is interactive," added Who. "I hate calling myself a psychic, because it's so overused. But, I'm an intuitive." And that's the radio hook that reels in the big fish.

The big break Born in Chicago and raised in suburban Norridge, Who said that he first recognized his unique abilities at the age of 4. He claims that, as a child, he could feel other children's pain when they were picked on by bullies, and that relatives on both sides of the family tree have possessed the same talent, including his mother. "I remember my mom telling me as a little kid, 'You can't lie to me,' " Who said. "And I'd tell her, 'You can't lie to me, either.' " By high school, Who was called "Joe the Medium" and "Matchmaker Joe" by his classmates for his ability to perceive people's problems and to introduce compatible people to each other. After high school, however, his abilities faded into background as he went on to college and a career with the United States Defense Department in the robotics industry. All of that changed, however, in 1985 when Who got into the radio biz by accident. Literally. On a ladder at work one day, Who took a nasty fall and herniated three discs in his back. One night, while recuperating in the hospital, he found himself listening to talk-show host Chuck Briton on WLS. That evening, Briton was on the lookout for "street psychics" to help him find something that he had lost. "He was offering Genesis tickets as a prize, and I loved Genesis, so I called in," Who said. Who told the WLS radio screener that Briton had "lost" a gold tooth cap that he had swallowed. Shocked, the screener demanded to know who he was speaking to. "The guy said, 'Who is this?'," Who recalled. "I said, 'Joe.' And he said, 'Joe Who?' And I said, 'Yeah,' "But I had actually gotten the name before that." Tabbed "Joe Who" during his youth when the mother of a friend who knew a lot of Joes wanted to know which one was coming over to the house, Joe's catchy moniker quickly became well-known throughout the Windy City. "A week later I was on the Chuck Briton show," Who said. "And a week after that I had a one-year contract to do one night a week on WLS." Who's career grew further once he moved his show over to "The Loop" (WLUP.) After leaving WLUP, Who has spent time at several different stations, and also does paid psychic readings for clients over the phone, and in person. Currently, the waiting list to get a face-to-face reading by Who is eight months long. In fact, Who says that his abilities are so respected that he has helped out police departments in missing-person cases, and has even been employed by some major corporations to get the dirt on their prospective or current employees. "Corporations will have me call someone on the phone, to check on their 'verbal skills,' " Who said. "Then I'll tell them about my reading, and they'll hire or fire them based on what I said. "Now, the corporations will deny it and deny it until they're blue in the face, but trust me, it happens."

Mickey Mental Like a modern-day Nostradamus, Who claims to have made predictions on countless topics that have come true. "Back in '96, I said that I saw a great coming together in the fall of 2001 because of some horrific tragedy," Who recalled, looking over at Niles, who nodded in affirmation. "But that was all that I could see." Who claims that he can predict balls and strikes in baseball games. He says that he once directed an ailing female caller, who said doctors who couldn't find anything wrong with her, to a specialist. That doctor discovered a malignant pituitary gland that would have killed her in six months. Who even says that he once gave a woman six lottery numbers, that she "had to use every week." She, however, gave them to her brother, who won $250,000. "I don't do that anymore, though," Who said. "I just tell people to go with evens or odds." For those wondering, Who also said that he can't use his ability for personal gains. "I can't read for myself," he said. "It doesn't work for me." With claims such as those, skeptics obviously abound. But in the case of Niles, Who's co-host and close friend for over a decade, you have a full believer. "I've seen him do this for a dozen years," Niles said. "I've studied Joe's psychic abilities ... He's real, and people feel that. "People just like him. They like his voice, like his honesty. He's not a puppet." "There's so much out there about science that we don't know," Who said. "Our radio show is about people, all aspects of people -- physical, spiritual ... I want to challenge people, I want to get people thinking ... There's a whole lot more to reality than people think ... "Life's an adventure. And everyday you should learn something new. It at least keeps you young at heart." Who says that his abilities can be found in all of us. "Everyone can do what I can do, just maybe to different degrees, What do you call a guy who goes through medical school with a 'D' average? You call him, Doctor. "It's up to you to find the good ones."



Thursday, May 27, 2004
"Joe Who has an amazing innate ability to hear someone's voice and then describe the vision he sees on their lives. His accuracy is sometimes scary, but always interesting."

-Lawrence J. Wert
Vice President & General Manager

I believe Joe Who has a very special gift. I cant explain it, I simply respect it. Joe demonstrated his gift for “reading people” on my show “Wild Chicago.” Without exception , he was uncannily on target. You should have seen the broad smiles burst upon the faces of those he was reading as he told them about themselves in his rapid fire way.

When you're talking to Joe Who, there's no place to hide --- All he needs is the sound of your voice to begin his intuitive process of information gathering! If you'd rather not be revealed, Id recommend sticking to sign language around this remarkable character, one of Chicagoland’s wildest.

Wild Chicago
WTTW Channel 11

Mr. Joe Who
I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for a wonderful performance. The most common phrase used is “amazing”. Students felt very comfortable listening to you and were very much at ease. Perhaps your greatest strength is your sensitive manner in delivering what you see. I have heard telepathists who have actually scared their subjects. That has never been the case in any of your five personal appearances at Loyola. Your wonderful sense of humor coupled with the gift of telepathy makes for a dynamite presentation.

Thanks again for a wonderful evening of entertainment, insight, thought provocation and pure relaxation. I'm already hearing, “when’s Joe Who coming back?” I guess that's really the ultimate compliment.

Bernard M. Pleskoff
Dean of Residence Life
Loyola University Chicago

Dear Joe:

I wanted to drop you a note with some personal reflections on our programs to date.

Your work is extraordinarily meaningful, compassionate and life changing! Along with being one of the finest human beings I have ever met, you are the most gifted psychic I have ever heard and now have the privilege of working with. You are unlike any other! In my nearly 6 years at WCCO and 30 years of broadcasting, never have the phone lines been completely full for so long. Never have the listeners been so passionate about or with any other guest!

Your sensitive, intelligent and detailed style, your vast comprehension and perceptions on a variety of topics is a gift to everyone listening. You have a distinct meaningful and entertaining way of speaking ‘the truth’ and ‘the truths’ we need to hear about this amazing universe and ourselves!

Your generous and loving heart have touched and moved me deeply Joe!

Looking forward to our next program!

All My Best,
Brad Walton
The Brad Walton Show
WCCO Radio

Dear Joe-
Thank you for all your intelligent insight into my husbands problems. Your referral to Dr. Hillebrand has truly made a difference in our lives. He has helped him considerably. Thank you again Joe. If you need any printing , we will take good care of you.

Dear Joe,
On March 23rd I came to your office for a personal reading and I wanted to let you know how much it meant to me. After a very turbulent 2 1/2 years, I was still looking for the answers to so many questions that seemed unanswerable. I have been unable to move on and stop focusing on the past and what it all "means". The time that I spent in your office was so relaxing and comfortable that I can't imagine why I had been so nervous! But even more important, When I left I felt such an enormous sense of peace, peace of mind that had been eluding me no matter how much I tried to talk myself into it. Today I sat down and listened to the tape I'd made and felt that peace again.

Dear Joe Who,
I was headed to a graduation party on Sunday afternoon last June & happened to hear you on WLUP. Being a skeptic, I listened as if this were a party game. When you asked a lady if she had a child die because she talked of two children and you "saw three auras", I knew I didn't have the understanding for what was happening.
I am a school librarian who books speakers of interest for High School students. We have a strong psychology teacher and it sounds as if your presentation would appeal to his students who have been studying about the capabilities of the mind and psyche. Would you send me information about the type of presentation you do for students.

Dear Mr. Joe Who,
I have listened to your weekly radio show, on WLUP, for several weeks now and find you simply amazing! I also get others addicted to your show. I admire the way you are able to give such an accurate reading and put everyone at ease, along with the insights to other metaphysic topics.

Dear Joe,
It was so easy talking to you, almost like talking to an old friend. You put me at ease as soon as you realized I was really nervous about being there. You made it really comfortable. You seemed to know so much about me and my life, it was sort of spooky. I have listened to the audio tape a couple of times and their were things that I missed the first time that really made sense. I am planning on coming back to see you in a few months to see if there are any changes that you may see.
Thank you again and I hope to see you soon.

Dear Joe,
I really do appreciate your talking with me today. you blew my mind, young man - and I needed this!
It was my good luck many weeks ago to be having a sleepless night and tuning into you at 3 A.M. on WLUP. Your an interesting man and I wish you a good life.

- I have had a private reading with Joe and all I can say is WOW. The guy is amazing, accurate, and most important compassionate.
- Jordan

- I have never been taken in by psychics before, but after listening to Joe for a couple years now, I truly believe the man is what he claims to be. When I turn to the loop on Sunday and he's on, I CAN'T turn it off, I am totally amazed. Keep it up!

- At first I was skeptical. how could he possibly know anything about me. And if so, would he know I was hesitant about talking to him? Perhaps he could read minds or predict earthquakes.
I walked into his office with a blank mind or at least I thought so. He seemed nice enough. I felt like I had seen him before. For some reason I could see him on his motorcycle which we talked about. Maybe I should just ask him why he uses the name Joe Who but he should know that right?
We talked for awhile and he told me things about myself that were very true and I am finding out are more true each day. At times he scared me. A person with very little religious background being told about reincarnation and karma. If I don't get it right this time I will have to come back again? Is there a Idiot's Guide to Spirituality?
I left feeling bewildered. I bet he knew it. But I will be back and I bet he knew that too.

I am a listener and a client. I had a phone consultation with you a few months ago and you were extremely pleasant and accurate. It was oddly validating to hear you tell me things about myself that nobody knows but me. Every question you answered about my near future was absolutely correct. I know this because I attempted to "test fate" and force issues which you said would never happen. No, matter what I did, they wouldn't budge. I am not a "self-fulfilling prophet". I had no control over these matters. Joe, thank you. I will talk to you soon,

Dear Joe,
I just wanted to thank you for the emergency reading you did when my father was missing this winter.
When I spoke with you on the phone, you told me that you had a weird feeling, but it wasn't a bad feeling about the evening. you also asked if we had relatives in the area because you felt he was visiting a relative. At the time. that seemed highly unlikely, and I thought my father might be lost in the snow storm or possibly had collapsed somewhere.
My father did drive into unfamiliar territory, and when he was attempting to find his way back home, a nice man offered him assistance. Since the man was unfamiliar with the town we lived in, he drove my father to a relative's house. Even though my father was missing for at least 8 hours, he did not describe the experience as anything traumatic and also lost track of time.
We are so happy to have him home safely and wanted to thank you for reassuring us that you didn't sense that anything "bad" would happen that evening.

Dear Joe,
Thank you for the wonderful "conversation" yesterday. The second I met you, I liked you, we were friends in another life and we could be friends again. The prevailing feeling on my part was that I already knew you, there was no need to be introduced. the first five minutes, while you took the necessary information for your mailing list - and listened to my voice (you are a voice natural) there was a slight "business like approach" from your end, but it did not last long. Within minutes we were talking as if we had not seen each other in six months and were catching up on the gossip. I loved it! I truly feel I have found the beginning of what I've been searching for. I want to stay in touch and visit with you again. At the same time (please don't think I'm presumptous) but if you ever wanted to contact me to chat - please do. I would be honored. I look forward to our next meeting. By the way my friends call me Peggy.


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