Common Questions

What is a voice natural direct sensitive?
Simply put, whenever I hear someone speak I start to "see" things behind my eyes that allows me to give a very accurate psychic impression of you and those around you, including past present and future events.

Did you always have this ability or did you learn it?
I have always had this ability as far back as I can remember. The ability comes from both sides of my family, my Fathers and Mothers.

What type of people request your services?
You name it I have talked to them, doctors, lawyers, corporate heads, micro biologists, nuclear physicists, marriage counselors, psychiatrists, members of the clergy, in fact I have talked to people from every walk of life.

I have heard other so called psychics, what makes you so special?
That's simple, I truly love people very much and if I can help in any way I do, after all we really are part of the same family, we are all spiritual beings. Consider my ability as another way of gathering information to help with life's many paths. For the past 20 years I have been on radio and television worldwide, not to mention many lectures at colleges and universities across the country and if I was not real I would have vanished years ago!

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