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Joe Who is a voice natural direct sensitive in voice recognition, telepathy and precognition. Session includes past, present, and future events. The reading I give is based upon voice recognition, therefore it is not necessary to have a session conducted  in person. However if you wish, in person appointments are available.

Telephone personal sessions are available.
Write or call Joe Who at:

Joe Who
P.O. BOX 886
(815) 498-9065


Type of Session Price
TELEPHONE SESSION (30 Minutes) $75.00
TELEPHONE SESSION (60 Minutes) $150.00
IN PERSON SESSION (60 Minutes) $200.00

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The fee for a phone reading is payable in advance. When payment is received you will be notified by telephone as to the time and day you are to call (please include phone number).
My office hours are currently Monday - Friday from 9:00 AM until 8:00 PM Central time.

The fee for an in person reading is payable at the time of appointment.
For an in person reading, just call my number, I would be happy to make an appointment for you.

Please make checks or money orders payable in U.S. currency to JOE WHO at the address above, thank you.

Joe Who can answer your questions about personal relationships, careers, buying or selling a house, lost items, jobs, affairs of the heart, financial outlook, or any question you may have, just by hearing the sound of your voice!

Besides having his own radio show, Joe has appeared on various radio programs, including, WLS-AM, the New Mix 102, WMAQ AM, WLUP-FM WMVP AM 1000,WCKG-FM, QFM in the Quad cities, 97X-Milwaukee, THE MIX 106 in San Diego, WCCO in the Twin Cities, and the list goes on and on!
Joe Who has also appeared on many television shows including, but not limited to WTTW, FOX 32, WWOR, CNBC, WGN, US CABLE, WLS TV, and CONTINENTAL CABLE Television.

Joe Who has also been a guest speaker at numerous colleges and universities across the country, and has been the only clairvoyant ever invited to speak at Loyola University in Chicago!

Joe Who is a Chicago psychic that provides telephone readings by listening to the sound of your voice. Get your personal phone session now. © 2004 Joe Who. All Rights Reserved.